China Overseas Chinese Network, October 27. According to the WeChat official account of the Chinese Embassy in Sweden, the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Sweden has continued to develop recently, with more than 1,000 new confirmed cases reported in a single day.

Unfortunately, Chinese citizens have been infected and are recovering in isolation.

  The embassy and consulate in Sweden warmly reminded all compatriots in Sweden to raise their awareness of the severity of the epidemic and take good protection.

  1. Attach importance to epidemic prevention, establish a normalized epidemic prevention and control awareness, keep in mind that the epidemic is at your side, and earnestly abide by the local epidemic prevention requirements, and do not take it lightly or be paralyzed.

  2. Strictly prevent the epidemic, do not participate in gathering activities, avoid going to crowded and closed environments, choose transportation methods reasonably, and wear masks as much as possible.

Insist on "non-essential, no travel".

  3. Scientifically prevent the epidemic, develop good living habits, ensure adequate sleep and balanced nutrition, strengthen physical exercise, pay attention to hygiene, wash hands frequently, and disinfect frequently. Do not disrupt reasonable work, rest and life due to the epidemic.

  4. Prevent the epidemic rationally, pay attention to the information on epidemic prevention from official channels such as the Swedish government, and do not affect your good attitude or even panic due to all kinds of false information, let alone spread rumors.

  5. If you have suspected symptoms, please seek medical treatment in time and actively cooperate with the health and medical departments for testing and treatment.

If the diagnosis is unfortunately confirmed, please notify the Chinese embassy in Sweden in time.

  The Swedish medical hotline 1177 (Chinese mobile phones dial +46771117700), the new crown pneumonia consultation telephone 11313 (Chinese mobile phones can be directly dialed in Sweden).

Swedish Public Health Agency website:

  The Global Consular Protection and Service Emergency Hotline of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China: +86-10-12308 or +86-10-59913991

  Emergency telephone number for consular protection and assistance of the embassy in Sweden: +46-763383654.

  Emergency telephone number for consular protection and assistance of the Consulate General in Gothenburg: +46-709395290.