Austria launched the "world's first toilet paper stamp" made of three layers of toilet paper

  [Global Times Comprehensive Report] "The world's first toilet paper stamp!" Austrian ORF TV reported on the 26th that the Austrian Post Office is about to issue a new crown epidemic commemorative stamp made of toilet paper.

The stamps are made of toilet paper to commemorate panic shopping and blockade orders during the epidemic.

  The commemorative stamps are made of three layers of toilet paper, each with a length of 10 cm. It includes a stamp and four small animals that promote social distancing during the epidemic.

These small animals represent distances of 1 mm, 1 cm, 10 cm and 1 meter respectively.

Among them, the one that represents the distance of 1 meter is the elephant baby used by the Austrian government to symbolize social distance during the epidemic.

If you connect 10 toilet paper stamps together, it is 1 meter of social distance.

  There are perforated lines on the commemorative stamps, which can be easily torn off separately.

The Austrian Post Office stated that this stamp with a face value of 2.75 euros is priced at 5.5 euros. As an added value of 2.75 euros, it will be donated to charities such as UNICEF to help people affected by the epidemic.