US President Donald Trump promised an economic recovery plan if he wins next week's elections, while former Democratic President Barack Obama accused him of being jealous of media coverage of the Corona pandemic.

"After the elections, we will get the best recovery plan ever because I think we'll get the House back" from the Democrats, Trump said, adding, "Nancy Pelosi only wants to save democratic cities and states that are badly run and are criminal," accusing her of not wanting to "help people." .

The Republican president, who is seeking a second term, stressed that discussions will continue because he wants the population to benefit from this recovery plan.

At the end of March, when the Covid-19 epidemic wreaked havoc on the social and economic front, Democrats and Republicans in the House of Representatives voted for a massive $ 2,200 billion aid plan, which specifically included unemployment benefits of $ 600 per person every week, but it was halted at the end of July. /July.

Since then, negotiations have stalled between the two parties over granting new aid, and some economists consider this plan necessary to revive economic activity.

Trump during his campaign in Pennsylvania (Anadolu Agency)

Obama is accusing

And in the opposite camp, former US President Barack Obama said that Trump is jealous of the media coverage of the Corona pandemic, and reproached him for not focusing on finding solutions to this pandemic, which raised virus cases to record levels.

He said at a gathering in support of Democratic candidate Joe Biden in Orlando, Florida, "He complains that people focus too much on the Corona pandemic, he said this at one of his gatherings, Corona Corona ... He is jealous of media coverage of the Corona virus."

Obama added that Trump "had been focusing on the Corona virus from the beginning, the number of cases would not have reached new highs across the country this week. If the focus had been on Corona now, the White House would not have witnessed the second wave of the virus outbreak in a month .. He has turned the White House To a virus hotspot. "

For his part, Democratic candidate Joe Biden said, "We can control the virus and we will do so," using a phrase made by White House chief of staff Mark Meadows at the end of last week when he said, "We will not control the pandemic, we will control the reality of receiving vaccines."

"If you give me the honor to be your president, be prepared for a change of priorities. Because we will move from the first day of my presidency to regain control of the Covid-19 epidemic," Biden added in a 20-minute outdoor speech in Georgia.

The 2020 election campaign is completely different from any other campaign, as the Corona pandemic has so far caused more than 225,000 deaths and pushed a record number of Americans to cast their votes early in the elections.

The US Elections Project at the University of Florida says that more than 64 million voters have cast their votes so far in accordance with the possibility of early voting, bringing their number closer to the total number of those who cast their ballots in the 2016 elections, while experts believe that counting the huge number of those who cast their ballots by mail may take days or days. Weeks.

Democratic candidate Joe Biden during his campaign in Bristol (Reuters)

Former Republican prosecutors support Biden

In the same context, 20 former Republican prosecutors accused President Donald Trump on Tuesday of threatening the rule of law, and declared their support for the Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden.

Former senior federal prosecutors who have worked with all of the Republican presidents from Dwight Eisenhower to George W. Bush, Jr., said in a published letter that Trump was treating the Justice Department as a personal law firm, by pressuring government attorneys to protect his allies and attacking his political opponents.

The plaintiffs are the latest group among several Republican-led organizations opposed to electing Trump for a new term, including "Republican Voters Against Trump" and "Former Republican National Security Officials with Biden."

Former US prosecutors say that Trump has politicized the Justice Department like no other US president has done, and "we believe that Trump is a threat to the rule of law in our country."

Ban election ads on Facebook

On the other hand, the ban imposed by the "Facebook" platform on new election ads came into effect today, one week before the US elections.

The social media giant's administration justified the decision by saying that it was aimed at trying to counter disinformation and prevent the American voter from being overwhelmed.

The ban in effect today does not include old electoral ads that will continue to be shown until November 3 (polling day), when they will be banned at that time on all Facebook platforms, including the Instagram application.

In the same context, YouTube announced that it had added warnings to the searches that its users would perform on election day.

YouTube stated in one of its blogs that it would place a "dashboard" at the top of the search results page, and below the videos that deal with the election topic.