▲ A report on the corona conspiracy theory of the British daily newspaper'The Guardian'

A survey found that the blind faith of the'conspiracy theory' about the coronavirus infection-19, so-called'Corona 19', which hit the world this year, is widely spread throughout the world.

"Corona 19 was created and spread by China or the United States



spread through 5G mobile communication technology"

"The death rate from Corona 19 was exaggerated." It is a

representative corona conspiracy theory.

The Guardian, a British daily newspaper, conducted a joint survey under the name of the'Yugov-Cambridge Globalism Project' with the public opinion poll'Yugov'.

This survey was conducted last July to August with 26,000 people in 25 countries around the world.

First of all, the response rate of “I believe that Corona 19 was intentionally created and spread by China or the United States” was high in many countries.

Nigeria had the highest rate of pointing to China as a virus spreader with more than 50%, South Africa, Poland and Turkey with more than 40%, the United States, Brazil and Spain with more than 35%, and France, the United Kingdom, Italy and Germany with 20-25%. Appeared.

Turkey was the highest at 37%, and Greece and Spain also showed up at 20%.

Even 17% of respondents in the U.S. said that the U.S. government created and spread the virus.

Many respondents said that the statistics of corona 19 confirmed and deaths were exaggerated.

Nigeria was the highest with 59%, and Greece with 46%.

On the other hand, some people believe in the conspiracy theory that 5G mobile communication, the latest communication technology, has influenced the spread of the Corona 19 virus.

The percentage of people who believe in 5G conspiracy theories exceeded 20% in Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, and South Africa.

In response to the investigation, Stefan Lewandowski, a psychologist at the University of Bristol, an expert on'error information', analyzed that "fearful events such as pandemics and firearms can lead to the spread of conspiracy theories of'out of control'."

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