China News Service, Beijing, October 26 (Reporter Zhang Ziyang) A reporter learned from the Ministry of Public Security on the 26th that the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs issued a notice recently to deploy a hundred-day campaign to combat illegal fishing in the Yangtze River Basin.

  The notice requires that on the basis of the preliminary results of the preliminary investigation and crackdown, we must vigorously promote the "Yangtze River Ban Fishing 2020" No. 2 centralized crackdown, insist on a "zero tolerance" attitude to comprehensively investigate clues, dig deep into hidden cases, and thoroughly investigate related crimes.

For organized and ganged illegal fishing crimes, it is necessary to set up special work teams to dig deep into the criminal chain, resolutely destroy the fishing gangs, transportation channels, and trafficking networks, and severely punish the organizers, profit-making people behind the scenes and the "protective umbrella" in accordance with the law. , Resolutely curb illegal fishing and crimes in the Yangtze River Basin.

  The notice calls for greater efforts to rectify prominent fishing-related issues, and strive to achieve the goals of "boat clearance", "net clearance" and "market clearance".

We must intensively clean up and rectify the "three noes" ships, clean up and rectify illegal fishing nets, resolutely investigate and punish illegal activities such as the manufacture and sale of "electric poisonous bombing" tools, illegal nets, prohibited fishing gear, and publishing illegal advertising information, and ban and deal with a batch of manufacturing and sales The black dens and black workshops of illegal fishing nets have eradicated the breeding ground for illegal crimes.

It is necessary to focus on clearing up and rectifying the trading of illegal catches and effectively purify the market environment.

  The notice requires that it be necessary to strengthen the dynamic grasp of key elements such as “people, ships, and cargo” related to fishing, strengthen the management of places, locations and key water areas that are prone to crimes, and squeeze the space for illegal crimes to the greatest extent.

It is necessary to strengthen inspection measures for key water areas and key land passages to and from the shore, and accelerate the construction of a water area security prevention and control system.

  It is understood that since the launch of the special rectification campaign against illegal fishing in the Yangtze River Basin, public security organs and agricultural and rural departments have closely cooperated and acted quickly to severely crack down on illegal fishing activities in accordance with the law.

So far, the public security organs have detected 3978 criminal cases of illegal fishing, seized 1,674 vessels involved, more than 28,000 sets of illegal fishing equipment, and seized 10,600 kilograms of fish. The frequent occurrence of illegal fishing in the Yangtze River has been curbed.