Controversy over the forced uterine examination of female passengers at Qatar airport.

It was to find the mother of a premature baby dumped in an airport toilet, but when his own citizens were forced to be inspected, the Australian government officially protested against Qatar.

A premature baby was found in a toilet at Hamad Airport in Doha on the 2nd, according to AFP news agency on the 25th (local time).

Qatar authorities have decided to do a cervical examination of female passengers at the airport to find the birth mother of a premature baby.

At the time, female passengers on the Qatar-to-Sydney flight were also transferred to an ambulance and had to be examined.

An anonymous whistleblower told AFP that "women passengers were forced to undergo tests even though they did not agree."

The case was made known to the press by Australian women who were subjected to unwanted tests.

At the time, Qatar Airways flight QR908, which was carried by these women, was delayed by about four hours.

Women on other flights are also reported to have undergone compulsory screening, but the total number and nationalities of women subject to the test have not been confirmed.

The Australian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) has expressed deep concern over the incident to the Qatar government through its official diplomatic channel.

A spokesman for the Australian government said in a statement that "it was an unacceptable and very unpleasant step" for a female physical examination conducted without passengers' consent.

In a statement, Hamad Airport said, "Medical experts expressed concern about the health of women who had just given birth. They asked for cooperation from passengers who had access to the site where the premature baby was found."

It is known that the birth mother of the premature baby is still unknown.

(Photo = Qatar Airways website capture, Yonhap News)