Under the headline "scandal", the Catalan newspaper "Sport" revealed the existence of an audio recording showing what happened between the assistant referee and Martinez Monoeira, the referee of El Clasico between Barcelona and Real Madrid, before the latter awarded a penalty kick in favor of the royal captain Sergio Ramos.

The newspaper confirmed that Barcelona had evidence that the assistant referee informed Monoeira that Ramos made a mistake before Barcelona defender Lenglet's mistake against him, but despite that the referee awarded a penalty kick to Lenglet in favor of Real Madrid and did not care about Ramos' mistake, although he signed first.

Before Lingleit's mistake, Ramos committed two offenses that deserved a direct free kick against him, the first preventing the opponent from advancing, and the second attempting to hit and block the opponent with his foot.

Ramos fouling Lenglet before winning the penalty: pic.twitter.com/yfpAjEekPq

- L10 / M Media (@uevarcelona) October 24, 2020

Article 12 of the Football Law stipulates that the referee must count the technical violation on the first mistake if two successive mistakes occurred by two competitors, and the most severe violation should be counted if more than one mistake was made by the same player at the same time.

Real Madrid beat Barcelona 3-1 last Saturday in the Spanish League, and the penalty kick was the second goal of the royal and changed the course of the match and its outcome in his favor, so Barcelona focuses on it.

The referee's decision angered Barcelona coach Ronald Koeman, who accused the referees of having all their decisions against his team in all of the five matches the team fought in the League.

The newspaper said that Barcelona is studying a request for audio recordings of the talks between the match officials and the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) Chamber, to find out the truth about the referee's disastrous error towards Barcelona.

She added that Barcelona is convinced that the official referee appointments, Velasco Carballo, is persecuting the Catalan club, as evidenced by the fact that he appointed a referee for El Clasico, known for his bad relationship with Barcelona.

Albert Masno, sub-director of Sport newspaper, confirmed Barcelona's claim by saying that Monoera was "the referee that Hell feared", referring to his "well-known sympathy" for Real Madrid.

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