Berlin expresses solidarity with Paris and denounces attacks by Turkey

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (here in Berlin on October 26, 2020) expressed his solidarity with France, particularly in its fight against Islamism.

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Turkish President Erdogan's attacks on Emmanuel Macron's “mental health” and Ankara's call for a boycott of French products to protest against measures adopted by Paris to fight Islamism after the teacher's murder Samuel Paty arouse reactions from the allies of France.

This was the case on Monday in Berlin, which expressed its solidarity with Paris and denounced the attacks by Turkey.


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With our correspondent in Berlin,  

Pascal Thibaut

The tone is also rising in Germany against Turkey.

Berlin has long avoided too harsh accents, as we have seen again in the crisis in the eastern Mediterranean.

Ankara is a de facto ally of Berlin on migration issues after the signing of the pact binding Turkey to the European Union.

And too firm a policy towards President Erdogan can cause a stir among the large Turkish community in Germany.

The clear solidarity brought by Berlin to France on Monday after the



on Paris therefore stands out, as we could hear in the words of Chancellor Steffen Seibert's spokesperson.


These are defamatory statements that are totally unacceptable, especially after the murder by an Islamist fanatic of teacher

Samuel Paty


Foreign Minister Heiko Maas expressed his solidarity with France, especially in his fight against Islamism.

A danger that also threatens Germany.

The police operation last week against a Berlin mosque close to the Turkish Islamist movement Millî Görüs aroused the anger of Ankara who had denounced an attack on religious freedom and an Islamophobic act.

Charges categorically rejected on Monday by Angela Merkel's spokesperson.

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