The European Union and EU member states have agreed to support Nigeria's nominee Okonjoyweala in the elections for the WTO secretary-general, AFP reports.

AFP, citing EU sources, said that the EU will announce public support for candidate Okonjoyweala, local time today (27th).

The ambassadors of EU member states met with Myung-hee Myung-hee, head of the trade negotiations headquarters of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy of Korea, who entered the finals, to reach an agreement on the preferred candidate among candidates for Okon Joyweala.

It is reported that some of the EU member states oppose support for the Nigerian candidate and failed to reach an agreement at the first meeting, but they have since regrouped and finally agreed to support the candidate Okonjoyweala.

Earlier, Bloomberg predicted that EU member states would choose to support the Nigerian candidate, taking into account the strengthening of relations with Africa and the extensive experience of candidate Okonjoyweala at the World Bank.

US political media Politico also reported, citing multiple EU insiders, that EU ambassadors have agreed to support candidate Okonjoyweala.

Politico added that a number of EU countries have stepped up to support the candidate Okonjoyweala, but some countries in Eastern Europe and the Baltic States raised questions, adding that the agreement was longer than expected.

Politico said at the first meeting that Hungary and Latvia did not agree to support candidate Okonjoyweala, but later reached an agreement at the second meeting.

The EU will communicate this decision to the WTO.

Since the 19th, the WTO has been conducting a final preference survey on 164 member states for Yoo and Candidate Okonjoyweala.

The Secretary-General is finally elected through the process of consensus on the 7th of the month following the election deadline.

(Photo = Getty Image Korea)