In October last year, the alarm came to the Swedish Health and Care Inspectorate, IVO.

In many cases, the municipality's child investigations took longer than allowed.

In addition, the long investigation times would in some cases have been obscured by cases being closed down and reopened immediately.

According to IVO's review, this has taken place "as part of fixing long investigation times, which lacks support in law."

The municipality is also criticized for not being able to remedy the long investigation times - for several years.

Action program

The municipality has now introduced a new way of working, which will ensure the quality of the business.


  • Some social workers have been given roles as team leaders, as a guarantor of maintaining routines and legal security.

  • At recurring reconciliation meetings, all investigations must be reviewed - so no one is left lying.

  • The Social Welfare Board has also developed an action plan to deal with the problems with vacancies.

How well the measures work will be reviewed by IVO next year.

But why did Älmhult municipality use a method that was not legal?

How have the children been affected?

See the social committee's vice chairman Vidar Lundbäck (C) answer SVT's questions in the clip.