<Anchor> In the

heart of Manhattan, USA, Trump supporters and anti-Trump protesters were engaged in a land battle. There are concerns that no matter who wins this presidential election, a conflict will be inevitable.

This is Kim Jong-won's correspondent from New York.

<Reporter> A

procession of vehicles with American and Trump flags on the car travels around downtown New York and enters Manhattan Times Square.

Then, people standing in the sidewalk crowd into the procession, swearing and throwing eggs.

[New York hates you! New York hates you! ]

Trump supporters in a car parade and protesters protesting against Trump meet.

The fight soon spread to a land battle.

They trample the black stars and stripes on the floor, meaning they support the police, and pull a stick and shake it.

The police try to stop it, but the excited protesters don't fall off easily.

With the injured one after another, the police began to arrest the protesters on both sides, and finally calmed down as they came out with bicycles and built barriers.

[Police: If I voluntarily disband, I will not ask any charges. Refusal to disperse will result in judicial treatment.] With the

presidential election in front of the US, which is suffering from the worst division since the Civil War, the protesters even engaged in an armistice war. Concerns are growing about whether it is happening.