China News Service, October 25. According to the US "World Journal" report, the wildfires in Colorado continue to spread. Three large wildfires have occurred in the past few months. The "East Troublesome Fire" in the east Fire) has become the second largest wildfire in Colorado. It burned through Rocky Mountain National Park with wind on the 24th and went straight to Estes Park.

On October 22, local time, on the outskirts of Granby, Colorado, a wildfire named "East Troublesome Fire" continued to rages. Viewed from a distance, smoke from the fire was spreading over the sky.

  A blizzard is expected to last from the evening of the 24th to the 25th local time in Estes Park, which may prevent the spread of wildfires.

However, before the blizzard, the fire continued to intensify and expand, community residents had received evacuation orders, and firefighters were also waiting.

  Residents of Estes Park have been threatened by this wildfire for months, and thousands have been evacuated.

Residents said that the heavy smoke from the fire made the sky blood red or dark at noon, and they could not even see the sun. They were like living on another planet.

So far, an elderly couple has unfortunately been killed while trying to put out the fire near the house.

  Due to strong winds fueling the fire, the fire burned through the Rocky Mountains almost overnight and approached Estes Park. The operations commander of the fire department, Delmerico, pointed out in a video briefing on the 24th that strong winds hindered the operation of firefighting aircraft. Only satellite images can be used to locate wildfires.

  At this time of year, the higher altitude areas of Colorado are both threatened by wildfires and blizzards, but this year the situation is particularly serious, showing signs of climate change.

Experts say that climate change and the massive death and drying up of wild vegetation are one of the causes of the 2020 fire in the western United States.

  Colorado has experienced three largest wildfires in history this year. In addition to the "East Chaperson Fire", there are also the "Pine Canyon Fire" and the "Cameron Peak Fire". Only the "Pine Canyon Fire" has been completely extinguished.