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Racist assault?

This is what believe to have been victims two Jordanian nationals, a brother and his sister, Thursday evening in Angers.

The Angers prosecutor's office decided to open an investigation after their complaint to the police.

The two Jordanians, aged in their "20s", alleged that they were insulted and beaten on their way home.

The assault is said to have started with invectives on a bus.

Follow up when leaving the bus

“The sister does not speak French very well.

There is a discussion that will start ”words are uttered like“ Are we in France?

So we speak French ”, reports the prosecutor of Angers, Eric Bouillard.

The brother and sister then get off the bus to join a university residence where a friend lives.

"They will be followed and there will be an assault in front of the university residence," said the prosecutor.

The young man is hit in the face, his sister also, and the authors flee.

The two victims are taken to the emergency room.

“He has a black eye, he took a blow on the nose, with a sore.

The sister was also beaten, with lighter injuries to the abdomen, ”explains Eric Bouillard.

Their assault told on Facebook

"There are things that will have to be taken up with the victims," ​​adds the Angers prosecutor.

Like the language shift.

"" We can find ourselves in a racist attack, not that we doubt it, but that deserves to be verified ", insists the magistrate.

On Sunday, the authors were still wanted.

Investigators were to analyze traces and awaited the results of the video surveillance.

The young teacher, Muhammad Abu Eid, who presents himself as an Arabic language assistant and a French government grant holder, recounted on Facebook his assault and that of his sister Heba.

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