- It is interesting to highlight historical women who sometimes end up in the shadow of the slightly more "pompous" men.

We want to help and support girls and women around the world and at the same time raise money for the women's shelters, says Annica Triberg, journalist and author.

The city walk was arranged by Kalmar Soroptimist Club, which wants to focus on historical women who worked and lived in Kalmar.

The purpose of the hike was to raise money for the Kalmar Women's Shelter and highlight two UN days.

Dressed in orange

The days that the club wants to pay attention to are 25 November, the UN Day for Violence against Women, and the International Day for Human Rights, which falls on 10 December.

The author and journalist, Annica Triberg, explains that this is why she and the other organizers wear clothes and accessories in orange.

- We are dressed in orange to draw attention to these days.

The orange should highlight the fact that we need this type of days.

Sad but true.

It is still a very important topic, she says.

Money for the women's shelter

All income from the city walk goes to Kalmar women's shelter.

- They should be specially earmarked to make a little extra nice Christmas celebration for those who need to celebrate Christmas, perhaps with their children, at the women's shelter, says Annica Triberg.

The city walk went to Västerport, Kattrumpan and Kullzénska huset, among others.

At the Kullzén House, the city walkers got to meet Signe Kullzén in the form of a doll.

The voice was made by the actor Lasse Sonnesjö.

In the clip, you can see Signe Kullzén sitting in the window and talking to the audience.