“My distribution will take place not by my will, but by the decision of the FSIN leadership, in accordance with the law,” the human rights activist quoted Efremov as saying.

Melnikov also said that although the actor is upset by the verdict of the Moscow City Court, he says that he is satisfied with the work of his new lawyers.

"Efremov believes that the resonance influenced the outcome of the case, but he hopes to mitigate the sentence in the cassation instance," the interlocutor of RT said.

The POC spokesman added that Efremov's life has changed little.

“He is in the same cell, with the same neighbors.

Due to the quarantine, transmissions stopped arriving, but the actor says that the prison's online store is working fine.

Before the meeting with the POC, Efremov watched the film “State Councilor” on TV, in which he plays one of the roles, ”Melnikov said.

The Moscow City Court on October 22 reduced the sentence to Mikhail Efremov in the case of a fatal road accident in the center of Moscow, reducing the sentence from eight to seven and a half years in a general regime colony. 

The artist's defense announced their intention to file a cassation appeal against this decision.