Demonstrations in Nigeria: the police want to regain "control of public space"

Nigeria, Lagos October 21, 2020: demonstrators occupying the street (illustration).

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The situation is still explosive in several other regions of Nigeria where local governors are taking measures, in dispersed order, to try to stifle the popular revolt movement triggered by the intervention of the army, Tuesday evening, October 20, against a peaceful rally of the youth in Lagos.

The Inspector General of Police issued a statement by his spokesperson on Saturday October 24 in which he seriously raised his voice.


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With our correspondent in Abuja,

Liza Fabbian

After several days of riots and looting, the Nigerian police intend to " 

take back control of public space

 " once and for all.

Its leader, Inspector General Mohammed Adamu, announced a mobilization of all police units, which were ordered to use " 

all possible means to stop this slide into anarchy and brigandage


In several cities of Nigeria, the popular revolt has turned into food riots in recent days.

On Saturday, thousands of people methodically looted and boned a huge shed containing food aid in the town of Jos.

Similar scenes unfolded in several other Nigerian towns.

The population accuses the authorities of having stolen this aid originally intended for vulnerable families affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and which would never have been distributed, while food prices have exploded in recent months .

In the megalopolis of Lagos where we are gradually seeing a return to normal despite extensive damage, the authorities announced that they had arrested 229 suspected thugs.


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