The first national audit of the new National Assembly is over.

However, rather than the memory that the government agencies have pointed out what they did wrong, the appearance of yelling and pointing still became more prominent.

That was especially what happened last night (23rd), let's see.

This is Park Sang-jin.


Chief of the National Assembly Science Technology Information Broadcasting and Communication Commission.

[Lee Won-wook/ Democratic Party Member (Chairman of the Division): You?

? You]

[bakseongjung / the national forces Senator (over-discharge secretary above): You not Then what]?

[Yiwonuk / Democrats (over-discharged Chairman): -memorize Place's you, this man, I'm here chairperson]

[bakseongjung / National Congressman Euihim (Secretary of the Department of Defense): I am also a secretary, man.

They are the same member of the parliament.] These

are two legislators who exchange Goseong, Chairman Lee Won-wook of the Democratic Party and Park Sung-jung, secretary of the people's strength.

After raising his speech due to the problem of speaking time, a point and a half-word appeared.

[(Ask a question, ask a question, ask a question.)


Do it straight.

(Straightly?) Because the chairman is dirty...


Just before the struggle, Congressman Park put in his swear


in his mouth, and

[This person really beats him up.

(Hey! Park Sung-joong has nothing to see.) Yara?

This cheeky...

A young XX...


Chairman Lee, who was proclaiming Jeonghoe, throws a gavel this time.

About the'Lime-Optimus Incident', which is one of the biggest issues of the national government, there was a revelation that was far from being investigated.

Rep. Sang-beom Yoo revealed his real name, saying that it is a'list of investors in the Optimus Fund that includes officials from the government and ruling parties.

Some lawmakers have been embarrassed.

Democratic Rep. Kang Hoon-sik played a mobile game at the Commissioner's Office, and the scene was taken by a photographer, and it was like that again three years ago.

The director of this audited agency was also criticized as being confused as to whether or not to be audited.

[Jeong Jae-hoon/President of Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power: Please take responsibility for perjury later, too.

I have never done perjury.]

Before the start of the national sentencing, the Democratic Party who shouted the national sentiment of the policy and the people's power to dig deeper into the state of the regime. Seems to be.

(Video coverage: Kim Hyun-sang, video editing: Kim Seon-tak)