China News Service, October 24. According to the Russian Satellite Network report, on the 23rd local time, Turkish President Erdogan stated that Turkey has no intention of seeking permission from the United States to test the Russian-made S400 air defense missile system.

In this regard, the US Department of Defense strongly condemned and said that the Turkish move may bring "serious consequences."

  Earlier reports stated that the Turkish army was testing the S400 air defense missile system near Sinop, a city on the Black Sea coast, from October 13th to 17th.

Data map: S-400 air defense missile system appeared on the streets.

  U.S. State Department spokesman Ottagos has said that if the news is confirmed, the United States will condemn Turkey's test of the S400 in the most resolute manner and may impose sanctions.

  In this regard, Erdogan confirmed on October 23 that Turkey has already tested the device, and he also said: "We do not intend to seek US permission for the test."

  The US Department of Defense once again strongly condemned Turkey's move on the same day and warned that it would bring "serious consequences" to the security relationship between the two parties.

  In mid-July 2019, Russia began to deliver the S400 air defense missile system to Turkey.

The United States opposes Turkey's purchase of the Russian-made S400 air defense missile system, and threatens to postpone or cancel the sale of F-35 fighters to Turkey and impose sanctions. It requires Turkey to abandon the transaction and purchase the US "Patriot" air defense system instead.

But Turkey refused to make concessions and continued negotiations on another batch of S400 air defense missile systems.