In the summer of 2019, Birger Sandell (M), who is now a member of the municipal audit, took over as acting head of park and street in Åstorp.

Then he saw that the technical office's storeroom was surprisingly empty.

When he then examined invoices, he discovered that a lot of tools, machines and car parts that were purchased were missing.

- Most of it was empty.

It was everything from welding, saws, hose reels, wing grinders, motor tractors and lots of battery machines that did not exist.

It was gone, says Birger Sandell.

"Had no idea"

A police report regarding aggravated theft was made by the municipality and in total it was stated that goods worth approximately SEK 190,000 had disappeared.

According to Birger Sandell, it can also be about higher sums.

- I have added it up to almost 300,000 and then I have not looked at every factor so it can be about more, he says.

Jörgen Wallin is technical manager and at the time was also responsible for the warehouse.

- I had no idea that there were irregularities.

I think it is a strength that we found this and we have done a thorough investigation.

I feel that as a manager I have done what I could, he says.

The police report was dropped

As early as 2013, the municipal audit examined the storage routines and then pointed out that there were shortcomings in the internal control.

Despite the fact that certain measures were then taken, machines and tools could disappear from the warehouse.

- The area was closed with a gate system and the loan system was changed.

But there were more routines that might have changed and they have changed now, says Ronny Sandberg (S), chairman of the municipal board.

This summer, the message came from the police.

The preliminary investigation was canceled due to the fact that crime could not be proven.

Will you investigate this further within the municipality?

- The fact that some things are gone does not have to mean that they have been stolen, it may have happened in other ways.

If the police cannot prove crime, the question is whether we can do it and I do not think we will go any further in this case, says Ronny Sandberg.