The schedule is pushed forward by a couple of years, when there was a much more extensive archaeological excavation in the old mast harbor, at Kvarnberget than what the Swedish Transport Administration had expected.

It also became more expensive, but this will also burden the risk buffer that exists for unforeseen events in Västlänken.

What is not clear, however, is what the reinforcement work at the Göta tunnel will cost.

- We had to interrupt the work in 2018 because it took longer than we had calculated at the time, says Markus Rangmar, sub-project manager Kvarnberget. And that work will be carried out in the first half of 2021.

Nine wrecks unearthed

Did it come as a surprise that you found so many wrecks?

- Yes and no, we knew we were going to dig in an ancient monument area and placed this project outside the critical line for Västlänken's completion, says Markus Rangmar, sub-project manager Kvarnberget

Now it will be SEK 200 million more expensive for the Kvarnberget project, isn't that a lot of money?

- No, or it is a lot of money, but it has been a very extensive work.

And we will probably find more wrecks, but now we see the end of this large excavation, and we believe that this is an estimate that we believe will hold, says Markus Rangmar, sub-project manager Kvarnberget.

Unclear with additional costs

The increase of 200 million?

does it include costs at the Göta tunnel?

- No, the Göta tunnel is not in the money, it is an additional cost.

How much more costs do you calculate there?

- I do not know at present, we are negotiating with our contractor, says Markus Rangmar, sub-project manager Kvarnberget.