It was remarkable to shake hands with the Dutch coach Ronald Koeman, Barcelona coach, with all his players and Real Madrid players after the Clásico today;

The man - who lost his first summit as a coach - was waiting for the referee to object to his performance and ask him about the penalty kick against his team.

Coman criticized the video referee technique (the mouse) strongly after losing his team 1-3, and Sergio Ramos won a penalty in the middle of the second half after reviewing the mouse technique on the stadium screen, when Clement lured him to Barcelona defender by his shirt in the area.

The Real Madrid captain scored a goal from the penalty spot that restored the progress of his team, before substitute Luka Modric scored the third goal, to inflict Barcelona's second consecutive loss in the league, after losing 1-0 in Getafe last week.

"I don't understand video judgment technology; I think it is only used to make decisions against Barcelona. T-shirts always happen in the area like this, and I think Ramos made a mistake against him in the beginning. There is a pull from the shirt, but it is not enough," Koeman said at a press conference. To make him fall like this; for me this is not a penalty. "

After the match, which his team lost 2-3 at the Camp, Koeman said angrily that "the penalty kick had an effect on the course of the match. We do not deserve to lose this way."

Coman revealed what he said to the referee: "It was a penalty kick for you, but it is not correct. I hope someday he understands how the mouse works in Spain. We played 5 matches and we did not benefit once from him, and the fugitive did not interfere in a mistake inside the region against Messi in the match against Seville, not even in Two expulsions are due for Getafe players. "

Coman: There is a pull from the shirt, but it is not enough to drop Ramos like this (communication sites)

He explained that Sergio Ramos exaggerated his reaction when he pulled him up to Langley.

The Dutch coach added, "We played 5 matches and used video technology against Barcelona. This technology did not stand in our side at all .. The decision had a great impact on the final result, because we played a good match until the penalty kick, we performed well and created many chances, and it is difficult to understand how." We lost, we didn't deserve to lose that way. "

Barcelona players demanded two penalty kicks when Lionel Messi fell after interference from Rafael Varane in the first half, and when the ball hit Varane's arm in the second half.

The referee did not review either event on the stadium screen.

However, Ramos had no doubts about the correctness of the decision.

"I think it was a very clear penalty kick. He pulled me out of the shirt when I was jumping towards the ball, and it was crystal clear. It is unfair to criticize the referee for a clear decision like this," he said.