The Bolivarian axis continues to party.

Nicolás Maduro sent a plane from Conviasa, Venezuela's flag line, to Buenos Aires on Friday with the mission of picking up and taking former Bolivian President Evo Morales to Caracas.


10 months of exile in the Argentine capital

, the indigenous leader returns to the country whose government supported him without fissures during his 14 years of presidency and that since his fall in November 2019, caused by electoral fraud in the first presidential round, has became one of the banners of the revolutionary struggle.

The rumors during the afternoon in Buenos Aires were confirmed when the Telam agency collected the information from official Argentine sources.

Evo arrives in Caracas to

celebrate the triumph of the Movement to Socialism (MAS)

in the Bolivian elections and to

redouble the political attack against Luis Almagro

, Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), who has once again strategically united the Latin American revolutions and the Puebla Group, with Mexico and Argentina as major references.

Evo travels to Venezuela despite the fact that during the campaign he had


that if he won his match at the polls, he

would return


Bolivia the

next day


Precisely the Supreme Electoral Tribunal of Bolivia officially ratified this Friday the

triumph of Luis Arce

, who with

55.1% of the votes

crushed his rivals, Carlos Mesa (28.8%) and Fernando Camacho (14) at the polls. %).

The former Minister of Economy benefited from the

poor management of the provisional government

as well as from the division of the opposition to break the electoral ceiling of his own leader.

In fact, during his campaign he distanced himself from Morales' radical discourse while President Jeanine Áñez's most ultra-ministers exaggerated their revenge.

Criticisms of the OAS

Despite betting on national reconciliation, Arce has not hesitated to join the campaign against Almagro, describing as "lapidary and shameful" the OAS report that demonstrated last year the electoral fraud of the ruling party.

Morales himself was the first to demand the resignation of Almagro: "The resounding victory in the general elections is the greatest proof that there was no fraud. Those who denounced have an ethical obligation to withdraw those complaints. They must all be released. people unjustly imprisoned for this reason. "

In the OAS report it was revealed that in addition to the blackout of the electoral night, a classic in Latin American history, there was the alteration, filling and falsification of minutes, the use of hidden servers that transmitted votes within the system and the vote of dead, something that also happens frequently in Venezuela.

After Morales' touch of outburst, Mexico, Cuba and Nicolás Maduro, among others, joined.

"Almagro should resign because he is guilty of the coup in Bolivia. Bastard! Basura!" Cried the "son of Chávez" against the "black beast" of Chavez.

Despite the promises of the MAS leader to return to his country immediately, his party is discussing the most opportune moment.

Against Morales there are several accusations from the Prosecutor's Office

, including terrorism, considered "disproportionate" by the human rights organization Human Rights Watch.

Later, new evidence was added when it was made public that the current partner of the former president was a minor when they began to maintain relationships.

"My return to Bolivia is not yet scheduled," Morales confirmed on Wednesday, a return for which he would have the protection of Argentine President Alberto Fernández, who has offered to accompany him.

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