The situation is worsening in Europe, on the coronavirus front.

The European health agency evokes "serious concerns" about the evolution of the epidemic.

But not all countries are taking the same measures.

Europe 1 takes stock. 


The situation vis-à-vis Covid-19 is worsening in Europe, to such an extent that the European health agency evokes "serious concerns" about the evolution of the epidemic.

The situation is no longer very far from being dramatic for some of our neighbors.

Europe 1 takes stock. 


- Coronavirus: follow the evolution of the situation Saturday, October 24

School closed in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic, Wales, Ireland, a German ski resort and three Portuguese municipalities have moved into a reconfinement reminiscent of that of spring.

Only essential trips for shopping, work or sometimes school are allowed.

The Czech Republic has even closed its primary and secondary schools for several weeks.

Others prefer to bet on the complete closure of bars and restaurants with, sometimes, an additional curfew, as in Wallonia where contamination is reaching a record level.

The curfew has just been tightened, starting at 10 p.m. since Saturday.

The authorities speak of a situation "much worse" than in the spring and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Sophie Wilmès is in intensive care. 


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Sweden is the only country that does not recommend wearing a mask

Sweden is for its part the only country not to recommend wearing a mask.

Faithful to its original line, Stockholm has even just relaxed the restrictions imposed on seniors and frail people, citing the risk of depression.

On Friday, the European Disease Control Agency estimated that the situation in 23 EU countries was now very serious.