• Good luck Ana Mato's good run: her eldest son marries and returns to the European PP

Ana Mato (61) sighs in relief after the Supreme Court confirmed her only crime last week:

profiting from the gifts

she received from the Gürtel plot.

His sentence is far from the years in prison with which the leaders of the organization and his own ex-husband,

Jesús Sepúlveda

(66), sentenced to 14 years in prison,

will pay





have to pay 27,857.53 euros, half of what Correa spent on


her children's


and communions, in the gift of

a luxury bag and on a family trip.



that he will be able to face without problems and that allows him to close a stormy stage that has lasted almost two decades.

Gürtel case

Investigation did not begin until November 2007, Mato's problems began at the beginning of the century.

Ana Mato married Jesús Sepúlveda at the beginning of the 80s, she, graduated in Political Science and he, in Law, formed a stable marriage,

a discreet family

that grew with the years of prosperity of the Popular Party.

Mato dedicated to national politics as a deputy and Sepúlveda to the regional.In 2003, he was elected as

Mayor of Pozuelo de Alarcón.

They seemed like a stable and happy marriage, who shared their life in a house in the richest municipality in Spain and celebrated their children's birthdays within the reach of very few.

However, in privacy Sepúlveda

started a relationship

with his press officer,

Natalia Bosch

, daughter of Joaquín Kremel and Elsa Baeza.

She, 23 years younger and about to marry her lifelong boyfriend, left everything and moved with Sepúlveda to a house in La Finca. The scandal did not reach the press then and Mato, due to his religious principles,

refused to divorce

and to dissolve its joint venture.

What's more, the couple maintained their composure in front of their children, in public events and in front of the gallery.

It didn't matter if Sepúlveda lived with someone else,

Mato was the first lady of Pozuelo.

Then the investigation of the

Gürtel case,

the imputation of her husband and his resignation from the mayor's office.

It was known of his divorce and the career of Ana Mato

started to climb

while that of his already ex sank.

Just compare their resumes to see it.

In 2008, she ran as number three for Madrid in the general elections.

In 2009, Sepúlveda resigned as mayor due to his imputation in



In 2011, Mato was appointed Minister of Health by Mariano Rajoy.

In 2013, María Dolores de Cospedal announced

the dismissal of Sepúlveda

of the PP and, although Ana Mato resigned as minister a year later due to her condition as investigated, the party kept her on the payroll.

So much so that while Sepúlveda was fired with a compensation of 229,000 euros, she was named in 2016

director of the Europa University,

a forum to discuss the European Union linked to the PP and the European Parliament.

That same year he also received

53,463.53 euros

in compensation for the time she worked as a deputy Retired from the first political line and away from the Popular Party, as confirmed by LOC, in June 2019, with the end of the legislature,

left the PP delegation

in the European Parliament, although he is still working.

She is the director of Institutional Relations at Cedeu, the university study center linked to the Rey Juan Carlos University. The worst professional drink she had

the day he sat on the bench

to declare.

He then said that the family expenses were divided and that they had not yet dissolved the joint venture.

Therefore, for not having divorced, the judge of the National Court first and the Supreme Court later, sentenced her to pay half of the money of fraudulent origin that her husband and she used on family parties and some trips. , sentenced to 14 years in prison.

After moving with her press officer to a house in La Finca,

Natalia left him,

overwhelmed by

Gürtel case,

and returned to the arms of her youth boyfriend, with whom she has a son.

So Sepúlveda switched again, this time to a discreet

90 meter apartment

in Valdemarín, from where he will leave to enter prison.


Meanwhile, his ex-wife lives a quiet future, with the possibility of paying the fine imposed by the judge and with

wealth to ensure your retirement.

In the Property Registry, a house of 259 square meters built on a plot of more than a thousand in one of the most exclusive urbanizations of Pozuelo de Alarcón appears in his name.

In an area surrounded by gardens and with easy access to the highway to get to Madrid, it is a home valued at

more than one million euros.

In addition, it has a kind of bungalow of 70 meters on a plot of 2,000 in the Cadiz town of

The Port of Santa Maria,

where we assume that you will take the sun baths that allow you to wear that orange tan that you share with Donald Trump all year round.

Home sales portals offer flats with the characteristics of Mato's for half a million euros. After overcoming an infidelity, a divorce that she did not want to sign and accusations of corruption, Ana Mato seems the winner of the

Gürtel case.

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