An "Asian manager's revenge" behind a disguised gang attack on a Dubai apartment

A manager (Asian) decided to take revenge on his friend, after a quarrel between them, and he agreed with three Asians (unemployed and mechanic) to break into his friend's apartment and rob him under duress, after spraying his face with tear gas and restraining him.

Dubai Police succeeded in uncovering the mystery of the crime, arresting the accused, and referring all of them to the Public Prosecution, and from there to the Criminal Court, which ruled that they were imprisoned for a year, followed by deportation.

The victim said in the investigations of the Public Prosecution that he was in his apartment around 11 pm on the first of July, and heard knocking on the door, and when he opened it, he was surprised by three people wearing masks, attacking him and attacking him, by punching him in the chest, and spraying his face with a substance that prevents vision Then they handcuffed his hands and feet, searched the apartment, and stole a medium-sized safe, but it did not contain any money, and they stole two phones, left him tied and fled, and then his roommate came and released him.

For his part, a Dubai police witness said that a report was received about the incident, so he moved there and knew the details of what happened from the victim, then a working group was formed from the General Department of Criminal Investigations and Investigations, analyzing the criminal style, combing the area, and reviewing the surveillance cameras near From the scene of the accident, until the identity of the suspects was identified, their whereabouts in another emirate were known, coordination with the police there, and their arrest.

He added that by asking the first defendant, he reported that he had received a call from the director, who told him that his friend ran an apartment for gambling, had a lot of money and planned to steal it, pointing out that he had sought help from two other people, and went to the apartment, and attacked and robbed him, but they were surprised that there was no money.

The director said that he has a friendship relationship with the victim, and realizes that he is running his apartment for gambling and betting, pointing out that a dispute occurred between them, so he decided to take revenge on him, and he sought help from the second accused, and he asked him to bring people to steal his friend.

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