US President Donald Trump and Democratic Democrat Joe Biden formed a large legal team in preparation for a court battle over election results after the November 3 presidential election.

The Associated Press reported on the 23rd local time that both candidates have been recruiting a strong'legion of lawyers' in preparation for the possibility that the election results will be decided in court rather than in the ballot box.

Biden Camp formed a special national litigation team consisting of hundreds of people, including former high-ranking officials in the Ministry of Justice, and even created a legal situation room to respond to voter interference at polling places and to ensure that votes are counted accurately.

There are also teams in court litigation across the United States to broaden voter access to vote.

Trump Camp also formed a legal team, including Jay Secullow, who led the defense of President Trump's impeachment trial.

It has secured dozens of lawyers and prominent law firms to respond to the Democratic Party's stepping up to lawsuits to expand access to voting in the race.

It is also known that thousands of lawyers have already signed up to volunteer to help organize election days and monitor votes.

Preparing for court disputes over election results after Election Day is also an important task for both legal teams.

President Trump has steadily raised the possibility of dissatisfaction or suing if the election is defeated, saying that universal mail-by-mail voting has led to fraudulent elections.

It is observed that if Biden cannot win by the overwhelming vote, or President Trump's delay in counting the ballots results in a slight defeat, it is highly likely to lead to a court dispute.

The Associated Press reports that the two presidential camps have established a large-scale legal operation to prepare for a court dispute that will be raised to the Supreme Court after the presidential election.