The unique teaching method of American teachers who have been in the denomination for 20 years is drawing attention.

On the 21st of the local time, foreign media such as the US ABC reported that many people were astonished by the recently unveiled'classroom scenery' by a Minnesota high school teacher Isaac Hams.

If you look at the photos Mr. Hams shared on social media, the students who need to attend classes are asleep without knowing the world.

There are students sleeping on their desks, while students lying on the floor with their backpacks as pillows stand out.

It was Mr. Hams, the teacher, who turned off the lights in the classroom and lowered the curtains to create the perfect environment for taking a nap.

Mr. Hams, a psychology teacher, has developed novel teaching methods through his long teacher life, and putting students to sleep during class was actually part of a thoroughly planned curriculum.

This is how Mr. Hams' nap class is.

First, ask students to take a comfortable position and guide them to breathing techniques to help them sleep well.

When students start to fall asleep naturally, read a storybook prepared in advance.

After reading the story, ask them to wake up the sleeping students and tell them how deeply they fell asleep and how far they remember the story.

It was designed to allow students to experience the'Stages of Sleep', the content of psychology classes.

This method of instruction has been very popular with the students Mr. Hams teaches.

One student, who visits Mr. Hams' classes every year, said, "It's nice to be able to gain knowledge on your own through experience rather than memorizing the contents of a textbook. Mr. Hams is the best teacher I've ever met."

Mr. Hams explained, "When students are asked to take a nap during class, they really like it and ask,'Is it real?'" and "I also intend to give students who are tired of school some time to take a break."

Often there are students who can't wake up even after Mr. Hams has finished reading the storybook, and in that case, they are said to be considerate to sleep a few more minutes.

Netizens said, "If it had been a tense classroom environment, students would not have been able to fall asleep so deeply," and said, "It means that the classroom is a comfortable and safe place for children."

“It seems that the novel'nap class' is possible because Mr. Hams is a teacher trusted by students.”

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(Photo ='misterharms' Twitter)