The same intersection was blocked off just hours earlier.

- It can not be ruled out that it is dangerous.

It is not just any package or cardboard that makes us hit the big drum, says police spokesman Rickard Lundqvist.

The discovery was made at 22.20.

Police have again called the national bomb squad to the scene.

Harmless object

It was at 15.20 earlier in the day that the first object was discovered at the same place.

Even then, bomb protection technicians were sent there, but the object was found harmless and the roadblocks were lifted.

- The technicians used a bomb protection robot, and then the object was x-rayed, says Rickard Lundqvist.

The incident is classified as an illegal threat.

Added resources

Recently, the police have been forced to carry out several similar operations.

Last Wednesday, the police had to pull out to Rosengård on two occasions.

- It has been a lot lately.

We have added resources and are investigating whether there is any connection, says Lundqvist.