President Donald Trump and Democratic Party president Joe Biden fought over North Korea policy during a TV debate held on the evening of the 22nd local time.

Christine Welker, an NBC broadcaster on the White House, raised a question about North Korea policy while leading a debate on national security.

He asked President Trump if he viewed North Korea's release of new intercontinental ballistic missiles and continued nuclear development as betrayal.

President Trump proactively advocated that he had a good relationship with Chairman Kim and that there was no war with North Korea because of him.

"It's a good thing to have good relations with leaders from other countries," he stressed.

It has been reiterated that millions of people would have died if war had taken place.

In the process, while saying that Seoul is close to the ceasefire line and has a large population, he mistakenly referred to the population of Seoul as 32 million.

Candidate Biden said, "President Trump gave North Korea legitimacy," and called him a'violence boat' twice, targeting Chairman Kim.

He also mentioned North Korea's enhanced missile capabilities during Trump's term.

It did not rule out the possibility of a summit meeting with the U.S. on the condition of “North Korea's agreement to reduce nuclear capabilities”, but basically, he was speaking with focus on President Trump's criticism of North Korea policy.

When President Trump responded by saying that Chairman Kim did not like former President Barack Obama, Biden was struck by saying, "Before we invaded Europe, we had a good relationship with Hitler."

Mr. Kim continued to criticize President Trump's diplomacy against North Korea, saying that the reason he refused to meet with former President Obama was that he continued to enforce strong sanctions with a focus on denuclearization without justification.

In the discussion, six topics, including Coronavirus Infectious Disease-19 response and national security, were discussed for a total of 15 minutes each.

(Photo = Getty Image Korea)