Washington (AFP)

US President Donald Trump on Thursday implemented his threat to release his own video of the interview, not yet broadcast, that CBS made of him, and which he slammed the door accusing the journalist of bias. .

Mr. Trump explained in a tweet that he wanted to anticipate the broadcast of the interview on the "60 Minutes" show on Sunday in order to expose the channel's "bias, hatred and rudeness" to the light of day. .

The roughly 40-minute video, posted by the president on his Facebook page in contravention of the White House-TV deal, appears to show the interview from start to finish, and shows Donald Trump frustrated by the tone of the questions.

The journalist, Leslie Stahl, reminds Mr. Trump several times and questions his answers to certain sensitive subjects, such as the management of the coronavirus pandemic.

The President ends up announcing that he is canceling the part of the interview during which he was to be joined by Vice President Mike Pence.

"Your first sentence was: + the questions are going to be tough +. I don't mind, but when you arranged the interview, you didn't say that. You said + Oh, let's do a nice interview +", says he.

The president also complains that CBS and other media are not addressing such difficult questions to his Democratic rival Joe Biden.

"I've seen all his interviews. You never ask him such tough questions," he said.

CBS also interviewed Joe Biden for "60 Minutes".

The interview will air on Sunday.

Mr. Trump's broadcast of the interview, recorded Tuesday at the White House, comes hours before his final debate with Joe Biden.

CBS responded by calling the video's publication "unprecedented."

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