Tribute to Samuel Paty: Macron calls for unity against the Islamists

French President Emmanuel Macron during the national tribute to Samuel Paty, at the Sorbonne on October 21, 2020. AP Photo / Francois Mori, Pool

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Wednesday evening a solemn tribute to Samuel Paty, the teacher beheaded last Friday by an Islamist, was organized.

In the courtyard of the Sorbonne, Emmanuel Macron made his funeral eulogy a speech engaged in the defense of the Republic.


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Valérie Gas,

from the political service of RFI

Emmanuel Macron undoubtedly wanted to mark the spirits, and qualify the enemy of the Republic without detour.

From the start of his speech, the Head of State denounced “ 

political, radical Islamism, terrorism… the cowards who committed and made this attack possible


As if to show that even in this solemn moment of homage, anger had its place and with it the commitment to prosecute those responsible and not all those who try to weaken the Republic.

Samuel Paty on Friday became the face of the Republic, of our desire to break the terrorists, to reduce the Islamists,

 " said Emmanuel Macron.

The French president has changed his tune, he who before being elected believed that France had some responsibility in " 

the breeding ground for jihadism


Today, he no longer excuses, he accuses.

Samuel Paty was a victim of " 

the disastrous conspiracy of stupidity, lies, hatred of what deeply, existentially, we are

 ", said Emmanuel Macron who had already in his Mureaux speech a few days ago denounced the separatist will of radical Islamists.

Report at the Sorbonne: the national tribute to Samuel Paty

Anthony Lattier

Macron's commitment

By paying homage to Samuel Paty to whom he addressed this Wednesday directly, and whose qualities and convictions he listed, telling him: " 

We will continue, professor

 ", Emmanuel Macron made a commitment to the French: that of defend the Republic and its values, foremost among which is freedom of expression.

And he made a promise to teachers: to protect them.

This national tribute was a political speech, a response, a speech to the Nation, a call for unity against the Islamists, pronounced with determination by the President of the Republic.

But it will have to be followed by actions and results so as not to be denounced by its adversaries as a speech and nothing more.

Listen to our special edition dedicated to France's national tribute to Samuel Paty


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