(Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) The number of new confirmed cases in France exceeds 40,000 in a single day, and the cumulative number of confirmed cases approaches one million

  China News Service, Paris, October 22 (Reporter Li Yang) On the 22nd local time, the situation of the new crown pneumonia in France continued to deteriorate. The number of new confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia in a single day exceeded 40,000 for the first time, setting a new high since the outbreak; France accumulated The number of confirmed cases approached 1 million that day.

  According to the epidemic data released by the French Ministry of Health that evening, the number of newly diagnosed cases in France exceeded 40,000 in a single day on the 22nd, reaching 41,622, an increase of nearly 15,000 from the day before.

The total number of confirmed confirmed cases in France approached 1 million that day, reaching 999,043.

The number of deaths from new coronary pneumonia in France is now 34,210, with 162 new deaths.

  The data shows that the spread of the virus is increasing.

The number of cluster infections under investigation is close to 2,000, reaching 1955, and the number of new cluster infections in a single day on the 22nd is as high as 201; the positive rate of virus testing continues to rise, and has now risen to a new high of 14.3%.

  At present, the number of inpatients with the new crown in France has risen to 14032, an increase of 847 from the previous day; there are currently 2,319 severe patients, an increase of 71 from the previous day; the number of severely ill patients in the greater Paris area has risen to 701. The occupancy rate of patients in the intensive care unit has risen to 62.6% on the evening of the 22nd.

  The French Ministry of Health revealed on the same day that the infection rate of all age groups in France is currently increasing; the age distribution of critically ill patients has undergone some obvious changes compared with the previous epidemic: the proportion of critically ill patients under 60 has reached 50%. The proportion of severely ill patients under 40 years old is about 15% to 20%.

  According to France’s BFM television station, in the past few days, another 7 members of the French National Assembly have been diagnosed with the infection. Among them, one of them was hospitalized after being diagnosed with the infection last week and has not recovered.

  In addition, Pompili, French Minister of Ecological Transformation, had close contact with a confirmed infected person this week and was therefore placed under quarantine.

The French Ministry of Ecological Transformation stated that Pompili is currently asymptomatic and will be tested for the virus on the 26th.