The Mufti of Damascus and its countryside, Sheikh Adnan Al-Afyouni, was killed today, Thursday, after an explosive device exploded in his car west of the Syrian capital, according to the official news agency "SANA" and the Ministry of Endowments.

The agency had reported earlier today that Al-Afiouni was injured due to the targeting of his car with an explosive device in front of the Al-Sahaba Mosque in the Qudsaya area in Damascus countryside.

Al-Afyouni is one of the most senior scholars in Syria, and he is the general supervisor of the Al-Sham International Islamic Center for Countering Extremism, and he is close to Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad.

The Mufti - according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights - played a pivotal role in implementing the settlement agreements that the government concluded with the opposition and fighting factions in the countryside of the capital.