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An attack with explosives has killed

one of the most important religious figures of the


ruling party


Sheikh Mohamed Adnan Afyuni, Grand Mufti of Damascus, lost his life this Thursday, according to the government agency SANA, with a bomb planted in his car in Qudsaya, on the outskirts of Damascus.

No group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

The Ministry of Foundations, in charge of the country's religious institutions, has lamented the "martyrdom" of the clergyman, responsible for the devotees in the country's capital.

As such, he had officiated at various prayers in which Syrian President Bashar Asad had participated.

In addition, he

had the position of general secretary of the International Islamic Sham Center against Terrorism


The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, one of the organizations that reports on what is happening inside Syria, recalled that the religious, one of the country's Islamic referents,

worked on reconciliation agreements between the Government and the





on the damascene belt.

The attack has no known perpetrator at the moment, an increasingly common trend in the periodic episodes of violence that take place in areas controlled by pro-government forces.

Although the so-called Islamic State has claimed responsibility for such acts in the past, other armed groups, including even some supposedly 'reconciled',

or common crime could be behind.

Although the insurgents, especially those who received more funding from the Persian Gulf monarchies, have been characterized by their extremist Sunni Islamism, Sunni religious figures who have remained loyal to the ruling party

have therefore been in the eye of the public. radicals


In March 2013, just two years into the still unfinished and bloody war in Syria, a

suicide bombing against a mosque in Damascus

killed 41 people.

Among them was Sheikh Mohamed Said Ramadan Buti, a former imam of the Umayyad Grand Mosque and one of the fiercest religious supporters of Baathist power.

Assad blamed his opponents for the slaughter.

This latest coup coincides with an intensification of the government offensive to wrest their last stronghold in Idlib from the rebels.

Turkey, which patrols the area under a truce agreed with Russia, had begun to withdraw these days from some checkpoints.

The opposition has responded with projectiles over government areas

to similar attacks this week.

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