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  • PP.Pablo Casado votes "no" to the motion and breaks with Vox: "It is part of the block of the breakdown of Sánchez and Iglesias"

  • Government: Married short-circuits Moncloa's plan by breaking with Vox and forces Pablo Iglesias to recognize his "brilliant speech"

Pedro Sánchez has offered today to the opposition leader Pablo Casado to stop the clock on the reform of the CGPJ, presented by PSOE and Podemos, to lower the majority from three fifths to a qualified majority, to reach an agreement with the PP and renew this institution.

The Prime Minister has taken the floor to close the debate on the motion of no confidence before the vote begins.

He assured that today it has become clear that Vox "does not have support, it has no project for that country other than to attack those who do not agree with its proposals."

"That will be a relief for all of us. Even for yourself. It has not brought anything for Spain, except a poorly contained anger," he added.

"The harsh reality is that they are alone."

"You are sorry to tell you, you are not the savior of Spain."

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PoliticsCasado despises Vox's motion and does not reveal his vote or who will refute it for the PP: "It does not matter to anyone and it is worth nothing"

Judicial Branch The PP supports Ciudadanos to depoliticize the CGPJ against the wall of the left and the nationalists

CongressThe PP, Vox and Cs will appeal the reform of the Judicial Power: "Sánchez intends to liquidate the separation of powers"

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