Pope Francis said in a documentary film released today (22) that legal protection is needed for gay families.

Reporter Kim Kyung-hee will tell you how to interpret the pope's public remarks that differ from the Catholic Church's existing position.

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is a documentary film about the life and achievements of Pope Francis.

In an interview with the film, Pope Francis said, "Homosexuals are children of the Lord and have the right to be a family. They must not be rejected or unhappy because they are gay."

"We need to create same-sex union laws so that same-sex families are legally protected, and we support them."

The same-sex union law is a system that guarantees same-sex couples the same legal status as heterosexual couples, even if same-sex marriage is not legalized.

[James Martin/Father of the Jesuits: The remarks of the Pope will give LGBT people a new position.

Pope Francis has revealed that it is different from the existing position of the Catholic Church, which is very meaningful in terms of the Pope's remarks.]

Pope Francis opposes same-sex marriage even when he was an archbishop before the Pope, but insisted that legal protection for them is necessary. came.

Therefore, this remark does not deny the doctrine that defined homosexual behavior as a sin, but it is an analysis that the key is not to discriminate against being homosexual.

[Gutechs/UN Secretary-General: The Pope's remarks clearly revealed the basic principle of'no discrimination'.]

The supportive remarks of the Pope will strengthen the LGBT rights movement, but the opposition from conservative priests is not easy. Significant waves are expected both inside and outside.

(Video editing: Jung Yonghwa)