Accompanied by the quietly flowing Yalu River, a row of dark brown wooden piles is particularly eye-catching. This is the site of the Dandong Yalu River Bird's Nest Railway Bridge (Yalu River Floating Bridge).

Not in the water in the wet season, and the Hengjiang River stands tall in the dry season.

Although it has experienced seventy years of wind and rain, it still stands firmly in the river, quietly leading people into the smoke-filled history, and telling posterity about the unforgettable victory.

  Back then, there were the backs of volunteer soldiers rushing to the war, but too many people never set foot on the land of the motherland.

Mr. Wei Wei's famous article "Who is the cutest person", tells the story of the most heroic battle on the Korean battlefield-Songgufeng battle.

  "This fierce battle lasted for eight hours. The enemy launched a group charge with 32 planes and more than 10 tanks, rushing toward this company's position. The entire top of the mountain was overturned. The battlefield was red. At this time, the warriors still wouldn’t retreat. They threw their guns and rushed towards the enemy, with flames on their hats. They hugged the enemy and let the fire on their bodies. , And burned to death the enemy occupying the position. Once, I saw a soldier in the air-raid shelter, eating a bite of fried noodles, just a bite of snow, I asked him: "Don’t you feel bitter?" He gave it to his mouth. He took back a spoonful of snow, smiled and said: "How can you not think? Our revolutionary army is not a monster. But our glory is here." He put the spoon down and said excitedly, just take the snow. Come on, I eat snow here, just for the people of our motherland not to eat snow."

  "Hit a punch to avoid a hundred punches."

Our soldiers, holding on to the fierce resistance that every inch of Songgufeng must fight for, maintained the charging posture frozen in the ice and snow...Countless ancestors have forgotten their lives and won the victory of this great war.

  Over the years, the Yalu River is still flowing quietly, the river is endless, this history, these most lovely people, will always be our memory of victory.

  (Editor: Bao Yuyan internship editor: Hou Jiaxuan This article is compiled and distributed based on the video and text materials provided by Dandong Radio and Television Station)