The 45 ventilators that the U.S. turned to Russia to support were useless and destroyed

  Overseas Network, October 21. In April this year, the United States was deeply mired in the crisis of the new crown epidemic. US President Trump called for help from Russian President Putin, hoping to provide some medical supplies.

Moscow then shipped 45 ventilators to New York, and the boxes were also labeled "Love from Russia."

However, the US BuzzFeed News Network and Russian Satellite News Agency reported on the 19th that the US has now destroyed these Russian-assisted ventilators, and has not even used them.

  According to reports, the US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the recipient of these supplies, received Russian ventilators in New York in April and distributed them to local and New Jersey hospitals.

However, these Aventa-M ventilators have not been used from the beginning, and they have been left in the warehouse.

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the ventilators have been disposed of in accordance with relevant regulations.

  The US media explained that there are many reasons for the abandonment of this batch of equipment: First, the voltage required for this batch of ventilators is not compatible with the United States, and the corresponding adapter cannot be found in the US hospital; It is said to be related to this ventilator, but Russian media said that “the ventilator is not the direct cause of the fire and has been approved for continued use”; finally, the ventilator manufacturer was also sanctioned by the United States.

  In April this year, Russia used military transport aircraft to provide the United States with humanitarian relief supplies worth more than $1 million, including 45 ventilators, protective masks, goggles, masks and disinfectants.

At the same time, the United States gave back 200 ventilators and some medical supplies to Russia.

This caused an uproar in the United States. Democrats accused Russia and the United States of huge differences in the amount and amount of aid, and even some American netizens called aid to Russia as an act of treason.

(Overseas Net Zhang Qi)