To the end of the census period Response rate secured in the mid 80% range, the same as the previous time Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications October 20, 14:49

The census ends in 20 days in many municipalities.

The response rate so far has been 80.9%, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications wants to finally secure the same response rate in the mid 80% range as the previous time.

The census, which is conducted once every five years for all people living in Japan, has been called for cooperation by investigators visiting households that had not responded until then from the 8th of this month. In many municipalities, the 20-day survey period ends.

At a press conference, Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications Takeda revealed that the combined response rate for mail and the Internet as of 19th was 80.9%, 10.4 points higher than the same period last time.

In the previous survey, the final response rate was 86.9%, with investigators hearing directly from households.

This time, due to the influence of the new coronavirus, it was difficult to hear directly, but the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications wants to secure the same final response rate as the previous time.

This survey is for local governments that were damaged by the heavy rain in July, and the survey period has been extended by one to four months, and other local governments will accept mail responses for the time being. , Minister Takeda said, "I would like to make efforts so that as many people as possible can answer until the end."