• Balearic Islands: The leader of the biggest real estate scam in Mallorca spent 700,000 euros in the casino

  • Real estate scam: victims of the real estate scam paid up to 200,000 euros for houses they did not build

The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office denounces that the protagonists of the largest real estate scam investigated in the Balearic Islands

allegedly formed a "criminal group" to take more than 3.3 million euros and defraud 220 home buyers who gave them their savings for homes that were never going to build up.

They all lost what was delivered.


leader of the plot, Carlos García Roldán, alias Charly

, who fled to Colombia when the case was revealed two years ago and was arrested there after undergoing a shocking aesthetic change, moved from his accounts and those of the plot companies more than three million euros in transfers to those close to you and cash withdrawals.

Spending 310,000 euros on jewelry, leisure and clothing.

And wasting up to 276,000 euros in the Mallorca casino, where he made bets worth 712,000 euros, attending 227 times in the months in which they perpetrated the plot, according to the prosecutor's evidence

in light of an investigation led by the Civil Guard.

He also sent 90,000 euros to Ecuador and Colombia, the country of which he was his sentimental partner.

The prosecutor Juan

Carrau attributes to García Roldán and three of his collaborators up to five crimes punishable by high prison sentences


Although the penalties need to be qualified, the accusation could add up to more than 20 years in prison.

He attributes them aggravated fraud, belonging to a criminal group, punishable insolvency, money laundering and documentary falsification.

It also involves three other people in the plot.

Consequently, he asks the judge to initiate the procedures to judge the scandal, which keeps the main accused in preventive detention.

In order to attract buyers who would hand over their funds in exchange for purchase options and advances on homes, the members of the Luxury Casa band pretended to be owners of lots, licenses and projects to build 32 developments in Mallorca.

Of these projects, emphasizes the Prosecutor's Office, they had only carried out negotiations in 7. Of the rest there was nothing, neither licenses nor promotional rights.


through an infrastructure that included architectural projects and real estate offices, they set the bait for buyers who wanted to acquire a home

and between 2015 and 2018 they managed to attract more than 3.3 million directly from 220 potential buyers, now damaged and in search of May Justice help them recover the money.

All of them delivered between 15,000 and 80,000 euros, although in two cases they delivered more than 100,000 euros.

One of them put 180,000 euros.

The Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office emphasizes that after receiving the funds, they

enjoyed and made the money disappear without making any effort to carry out the promotions

and construction of the properties that they claimed to sell and to which they had committed.

In fact, and despite the fact that they had needed more than 30 million euros of financing, they did not have any financial or patrimonial backing.

They did not even put the 6,000 euros that the constitution of the company with which they started the plot required but instead they put an SUV of which they did not get to formally change the ownership.

"The funds obtained, which were not received in the manner and with the guarantees required by law, were applied to personal enjoyment and never, in a serious way, for the purposes of real estate development", concludes Anticorrupción.

One of the members of the network spent 14,000 euros on the most luxurious watch shop in Palma.

García was released in March to testify for this cause and refused to testify before the judge.

One of the developers questioned stated that at no time did he intend to keep money from the buyers but rather to develop housing developments.

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