French police officers check vehicles in La Turbie, near the Franco-Italian border, November 13, 2015 -


At only 19 years old, a Marseillaise has just been sentenced to nine months in prison for having illegally transported illegal aliens to France, reports



The young woman had embarked in her car, in Ventimiglia (Italy), four Tunisian nationals without papers and took the highway, direction France.

It was during a police check at the La Turbie exit (Alpes-Maritimes) that the group was arrested.

"Big financial difficulties"

Already known to the courts for various offenses (shoplifting, trickery, driving without a license, insults), the "smuggler" explained that she had to face "great financial difficulties", but did not specify the amount that 'she charged for her services.

Judged in immediate appearance, she was sentenced by the Nice Criminal Court to a sentence greater than the requisitions of the public prosecutor's office which required eight months.


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"We must not be fair in the dispute, be rebels with two balls, even if I am one", loose Cédric Herrou

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