10 thousand dirhams fine for a misappropriated manager

A misdemeanor court in Ras Al Khaimah has fined a former (Asian) company director 10 thousand dirhams for embezzlement of money transferred through a credit card belonging to the company after terminating his services from it, and using a credit card without authorization, and it was also acquitted of the charge of destroying the bank card.

According to the prosecution's indictment, the accused embezzled a bank card and an amount of 40,000 dirhams from the company, and destroyed the bank card owned by the company.

According to the police investigations, the company understood two withdrawals from its account, worth 40,000 dirhams, through an automated teller machine, via a bank card for the company’s account, which was located in a locker under the responsibility of the defendant’s wife, who was the supervisor of the company's management.

She stated that the accused and his wife refused, after completing their services, to return what they had from the trusts of the company, and that the wife of the accused did not receive the bank card, so she considered that bank card lost, explaining that their services were terminated due to their betrayal of the trust.

The investigations revealed that the company suspected the accused and his wife of misappropriating the sums of money, and the competent authorities referred to the recording cameras in the bank from which the money was withdrawn and it was found that the photo belongs to the accused, who admitted withdrawing the sums from the company’s account to pay the salary of a Gulf employee, whose salaries were refused by the company.

She added that the accused denied the charge of stealing the bank card or the sums of money, and stated that he was working as a manager of the company until his services were terminated, and that the bank card was in his custody and he destroyed it after receiving a notice from the bank to cancel the card, as the company was aware of the financial operations that he was carrying out Out.

Defense attorney Hanan Al-Bayadh said that her client is innocent of the charges against him, based on the laxity in reporting and the ploy of the accusation and the invalidity of the investigation procedures with the accused for not using a sworn legal translator, and the lack of the material and moral element of the crime of theft.

And it was stated in the court statement that the proof of conclusive evidence of the defendant's misappropriation of the bank card and an amount of 40 thousand dirhams and his use of a credit card of the company with the intention of obtaining for himself the money of others, is an acknowledgment of his conviction and the appropriate punishment against him and that the two crimes are considered the same, which is the seizure of the company's funds. The court fined him 10 thousand dirhams for the two charges due to their connection, and for the charge of destroying the bank card, the court considers that the evidence is abstract and has not proven against the accused, and it requires that it be innocent due to insufficient evidence.

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