• Paris.

    In the square for Samuel Paty, the teacher killed in the suburbs by a Chechen extremist

  • France, a professor beheaded near Paris: he had shown cartoons about Mohammed in class


October 19, 2020 "They have openly launched a fatwa against the professor" Samuel Paty, killed by beheading on Friday by an extremist of Chechen origin in Paris, French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin told radio Europe 1 this morning, speaking of the arrested. 

"The Islamists will not sleep soundly in France. Fear will pass on the opposite side", would have been the precise words - according to sources of Bfm-tv - of the French president Emmanuel Macron during an evening summit at the Elysée

Summit at the Elysée

The Defense Council chaired by Emmanuel Macron resolved to strengthen the security measures at the reopening of the schools, the reopening of November 2, and to act "concretely" and quickly against associations or individuals who spread hate messages against teachers, said the Elysée.

The president "asked that action be taken quickly and that no respite is given to those who organize themselves to oppose the republican order", added the Elysée at the end of the two and a half hour evening meeting with six ministers and anti-terrorism prosecutor Jean-Francois Ricard. 

In the meantime, operations continue, even in the next few days, "against dozens of individuals" in the Islamist area following the death of the teacher, who was killed for having shown the caricatures of Mohammed published by Charlie Hebdo in the classroom.

The Minister of the Interior added that he wanted to discuss the dissolution of various associations such as the 'Collectif against Islamophobie en France', while the authors of the messages praising the killer of the French professor who had shown caricatures of Muhammad in class will undergo checks by police: it is at least 80 people.

"The Islamists will not sleep soundly in France: fear will pass on the opposite side", commented Macron. 

Demonstrations in several cities

Thousands of protesters took to the streets on Sunday to pay tribute to history professor Samuel Paty brutally beheaded in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, on the outskirts of Paris, for opening a class discussion on the caricatures of Muhammad.

From the capital to Marseille, passing through the largest cities such as Lyon, Toulouse and Strasbourg, an oceanic crowd responded to the appeal launched by trade unions, political parties, associations and the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo, target of Islamic extremists, who in 2015 made raided the editorial office killing 12 people for the publication of the caricatures of the prophet.

Then the battle cry for the defense of freedom of expression was 'Je suis Charlie', today, after five years, it has become 'Je suis Samuel'.