SK Hynix will take over the memory chip division of Intel, the world's largest semiconductor manufacturer, the Wall Street Journal reported.

They said that the negotiations were over and that they would make an official announcement as early as today (20th).

This is Kim Jong-won's correspondent from New York.

<Reporter> This is

today's Wall Street Journal article.

I wrote that SK Hynix is ​​negotiating with Intel in the US to acquire memory semiconductors.

It is reported that negotiations are imminent and will be officially announced as early as today, with the acquisition price of 10 billion dollars and about 11 trillion won of our money.

It is said that Intel, which produces both non-memory semiconductors such as CPUs as central processing units and memory semiconductors as storage units, has recently been pushing for business disposal due to poor performance in the memory semiconductor field.

Intel's business structure is expected to focus on the non-memory semiconductor field in the future.

On the other hand, at SK Hynix, memory semiconductors accounted for more than 90% of total sales, raising concerns over whether the business has been too skewed.

In particular, in the second half of this year, as memory semiconductor prices fell and the business outlook was poor, there were steadily voices saying that the business should be expanded to non-memory semiconductors, which are expected to grow rapidly in the future.

Rather, it is analyzed that it is a strategy to increase the size of the field that they are doing well by taking over Intel's memory semiconductor field.

In particular, as Intel's core memory semiconductor facility, the NAND flash plant, is located in Dalian, China, SK Hynix's acquisition of this facility is expected to increase its influence in China.