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France, a middle school teacher was horribly murdered.

We showed students a cartoon caricature of Muhammad, the founder of Islam, and it appears that a suspect, a Muslim believer, planned the crime.

This is reporter Kim Young-ah.


A man's body was found beheaded in a street near a middle school in Yveline, near Paris, at about 5 pm local time yesterday (16th).

The suspect with a weapon was killed by the police while fleeing from the police who were dispatched.

The victim, who was a history teacher, is known to have shown Charly Evdo's Muhammad caricatures to students while dealing with'freedom of expression' in a recent class.

[Nordin Showadee/Father of victim teacher student: The teacher said that Muslim students may raise their hands and go out. My son said it wasn't intended to discriminate against Muslim students.]

However, some disgruntled parents posted criticism videos on social media, and the video was shared at some mosques, causing controversy.

Witnesses reported that the suspect shouted the Quran on the scene, meaning "God is the greatest."

In addition to the 18-year-old suspect from Chechnya who died, French police are arresting and investigating nine people, including the school parents of the victims.

[Macron / President of France: Our compatriots were attacked by a heinous attack. He is a victim of Islamic extremist terror.] In

France, the terror of Islamic extremists has been followed by a trial involving Charlie Evdo, who killed 12 victims in 2015.

On the 25th of last month, an Islamic extremist wielded a weapon near the old office building in Charlé Evdo, wounding two people seriously.

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