Chinanews, October 18, according to the Russian satellite network quoted French BFM television report, on the 17th local time, the French government revealed that the farewell ceremony of the teachers killed in the "beheading case" in Paris will be held on the 21st local time.

Data map: Paris, the capital of France.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Li Yang

  According to reports, on the same day, French Education Minister Blanche also confirmed the news.

However, the specific time and location of the farewell ceremony have not yet been determined, and the authorities will make a decision after consultation with the families of the victims.

  A teacher in the suburbs of Paris, France, was killed on the 16th local time. The suspect has been shot dead by the police.

French President Macron called the case a terrorist attack when inspecting the place where the case occurred that night.

At least 9 people have been arrested by the police suspected of being involved in the case.

  Agence France-Presse and other media previously reported that the teacher had opened a controversial course on secularism and related religious publications in "Charlie Hebdo". The relevant course reportedly angered the parents of some students. The teacher Because of this, the students' parents complained.