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    Record contagions in Europe: the second wave continues to grow across the continent

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    Germany: another 2,563 Covid cases, close to 300,000.

    Madrid new restrictions

  • Covid in Europe, Madrid is the first capital to return to lockdown.

    Infections rise in Germany and the UK


October 18, 2020 In Europe, 250,000 deaths from coronavirus have been exceeded, according to a new budget provided by the France Presse Agency.

In particular, 250,030 deaths from Covid-19 were recorded in the continent (with 7,366,028 infections), of which more than two thirds in the United Kingdom (43,646), in Italy (36,543), Spain (33,775), France (33,392 ) and Russia (24,187).

Over the past seven days, more than 8,000 deaths (8,342) have been recorded, the heaviest toll in a week since mid-May. 

London: vaccine ready to be introduced immediately after Christmas

The coronavirus vaccine could be introduced by the NHS, the British national health system, shortly after Christmas.

It is the Sunday Times to report statements made in private by the deputy chief officer of the NHS, Johnatan Van-Tam, according to which the tests have shown the effectiveness of the vaccine in fighting infections.

Last week Van-Tam allegedly told Members of Parliament that 'phase three' trials of the vaccine created at Oxford University and manufactured by AstraZeneca suggests that mass introduction of the vaccine is planned as early as December.

Curfew since last night for about 20 million French

Curfew - since last night (all at home from 21 to 6) - for about 20 million French.

The measure was taken by the government of Prime Minister Jean Castex to stem the coronavirus epidemic that is starting to gallop strongly.

In France, on Saturday the number of new infections reached a new record, over 32,000 new cases in 24 hours.

The night curfew affects the inhabitants of Ile-de-France and the metropolises of Lyon, Lille, Toulouse, Montpellier, Saint-Etienne, Aix-Marseille, Rouen and Grenoble.

The measure will remain in effect for at least four weeks, but will likely be extended, President Emmanuel Macron has already announced.

The streets of the French capital, subject to a curfew along with the entire suburbs of Paris, gradually emptied starting in the late afternoon.

In Switzerland tightening on masks, meetings and clubs

Crackdown in Switzerland in the restrictions to stem Covid-19 with the obligation of masks in indoor public spaces and the ban on meetings with more than 15 people.

As for restaurants and bars, the service will be limited to tables.

The squeeze was decided by the federal government after "the exponential increase in the number of infections" which involves all age groups and all cantons. 


Romania most affected country with almost 6 thousand deaths

The coronavirus continues to run also in the Balkans, with Romania remaining the country in the region most affected by the epidemic.

In the last 24 hours the infections have been 3,920, with 60 other deaths, numbers that bring the totals to 180, 388 and 5,872.

Of nearly 10,000 hospital patients, 749 are in intensive care.

The country has carried out more than 2.8 million tests, the highest number among the countries in the region.

The contagion curve in Croatia and Slovenia remains high, with respectively 819 cases and eight deaths, and 726 infections and three victims.

In Bulgaria there were 603 cases, with 10 deaths, in Bosnia-Herzegovina 556. North Macedonia also records a strong epidemic recovery, with 428 cases and 10 deaths in 24 hours, while Serbia records a stable situation above 200 cases daily: in the last 24 hours there have been 214 infections, two victims.

In Kosovo there were 137 cases and one victim, in Montenegro there were 188 infections and 5 deaths.