Bolivia votes again, one year after the last presidential elections were canceled

Sanitary measures are in place in Bolivian polling stations.

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Voting day in Bolivia, a year after the election fiasco that resulted in the departure of Evo Morales and the cancellation of the ballot.

This year, the vote is placed under a double tension, political and health.


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From our correspondent in La Paz,

 Alice Campaignolle

A special voting day in Bolivia, like an air of déjà vu since the Bolivians were already going to the polls exactly one year ago, on October 21, 2019.

But last year's ballot was canceled and since a pandemic has passed through it.

While the date of the elections was controversial due to the Covid-19 epidemic,

many citizens

pressed for the vote to take place as soon as possible in order to end the interim government that has ruled the country for now 11 months.

Health measures in polling stations 

Sanitary measures have been put in place, explains Wendy Salazar, head of a polling station: " 

People must always leave a meter and a half between them, they must come with masks, and we provided them to those in charge of the offices. of voting as well as alcohol to disinfect.

They will have to change their mask three times a day, and each voter must bring their own pen



Beyond the pandemic, all Bolivians are holding their breath and hope that this election will take place calmly.

The results will not be revealed until late at night, or even tomorrow, because the electoral body prefers not to advance partial results, so as

not to generate tensions

as last year.


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