Since April this year, two doctors have been able to help patients via video calls in the region's app Vårdcentral Värmland.

The online doctors have received around 150 visits per week and it is patients from all over the county who have sought care, even though the majority are from Karlstad and Hammarö.

- The most common are infectious diseases, skin diagnoses and some mental illness.

It is a pretty good spectrum that we can receive in Vårdcentral Värmland, says Åsa Wahlén.

Can save millions

Larger private care providers such as Kry and have invoiced the region SEK 15.6 million between January and September after patients from Värmland sought online doctors.

Each patient then costs the region SEK 650.

With its own digital service, the region's cost will be SEK 250 per patient right now.

Hear Åsa Wahlén tell more about the financial savings the region can make with permanent digital care through the app Vårdcentral Värmland.