▲ Voters in Medina, Ohio, USA, standing in a long line at polling places for pre-voting

(Photo = Medina UPI, Yonhap News)

With the mobilization of the'anti-Trump' camp in the corona 19 crisis, the pre-voting and mail voting ratio in the US presidential election is expected to record the'highest ever'.

US media outlets predict that "the current trend will be a new record for the first time in American history, with more than half of the people voting before an election."

You can participate in the US presidential election by mail, pre-voting, or on-site voting on Election Day.

Each of the 52 states in the United States has different schedules for pre-voting, mail voting, and counting.

Many states already have pre-voting.

The US Election Project, run by Professor Michael McDonald's University of Florida analyzing election data, was counted as pre-voting by approximately 15 million voters from 41 states as of 14 days local time, 20 days before the election.

That's more than ten times more than 1.4 million people pre-voted at the same time in the election four years before President Trump was elected.

It is known that supporters of President Donald Trump generally prefer field voting on Election Day, while supporters of the opposition Democratic Party and voters who oppose President Trump prefer pre-voting and mail-by-mail voting.

In the case of mail voting, it takes quite a while, such as opening the envelope and opening the paper, so there is a high possibility that the counting will be delayed as the number of mail voting increases.

President Trump, who is currently being analyzed as being greatly pushed by the Democratic Party candidate Biden, is early laying the groundwork for "mail voting is fraudulent."

In addition, President Trump says there is a possibility that he will endure the election without vacating the White House and disapprove of the election results, saying that a vote-by-mail election took place.

So, the Democratic Party is encouraging the anti-Trump camp's pre-voting and on-the-spot voting, saying that they must win overwhelmingly in the field vote that results in the election day.

The next two weeks until the US presidential election, which will be held on November 3, local time, pre-voting and mail-by-mail voting are the points of observation of this US presidential election.

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